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307th Bombardment Group (Heavy)—Memoirs

307th Bomb Group Archive Materails
Don't forget to visit the 307th Bomb Group archives which include thousands of pictures, documents and other materials available to members..
The 307th Bomb Group Veterans Memoirs are now available for viewing.

From time to time our historian, Jim McCabe, receives a letter asking if we might be intersted in posting a veteran's memoirs.
Of course, we are all anxious to read the personal diaries and memoirs of our veterans, so this page is devoted to all personal
writings of the 307th Bombardment Group Veterans.


Share your 307th Bomb Group History!

At the same time we ask that you share your 307th BG stories, documents, and pictures. Your legacy should not be lost in an attic, or stored in a garage, where it may later be disposed of as trash. Ask your children, your grand-children and even your great grand-children to participate in this effort to preserve your history. Documents and photos will be returned on request.
Send all materials (preferred in electronic format, via email) to Jim McCabe for review.  He may have a few questions, so include a phone number.

Send to


Memoirs of
Dale Stickrath
The Write State Veterans Voices Project

Memoirs of Herbert Kurz
The Gathering at Wheeler
A Time To Remember
98th Bomb Squadron
11th Bomb Group
Memoirs of John Wright
The Wright State Verterans Voices Project

Memoirs of
Herbert Kurz
The Washburn Story
98th Bomb Squadron
11th Bomb Group
Memoirs of
William 'Bill' Grisaitis
370th Bomb Squadron
Radio Operator - Waist Gunner
Memoirs of
Neli Lifuka
WWII in Tuvalu
Seeing airplanes for the first time
 describes the account of the Vaitupu colonists
of Kioa island in Fiji.

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