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307th Bombardment Group Logos

The following is a listing of 307th Bombardment Group related logos used during WWII.

13th USAAF Logo 13th USAAF Logo   13th USAAF Logo
307th Bomb Group Headquarters Logo 307th Bomb Group Headquarters   307th Bomb Group Headquarters Logo
The official Long Rangers Logo Long Rangers Logo   Long Rangers Logo   
Long Rangers Logo
The un-official Long Rangers Logo CLICK TO VIEW-Un-official Long Rangers Logo    Un-officialLong Rangers Logo
370th Bomb Squadron Logo 370th Bomb Squadron Logo   370th Bomb Squadron Logo
371st Bomb Squadron Logo 371th Bomb Squadron Logo   CLICK TO VIEW-371th Bomb Squadron Logo   371th Bomb Squadron Logo
372nd Bomb Squadron Logo 372nd Bomb Squadron Logo   372nd Bomb Squadron Logo

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A Scotty Dog was the 372nd Squadron's Mascot. The picture is a close up of the dog sitting on a sand bag by the bomb shelter on Los Negros.

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Frank Klein (middle) is holding the dog. Frank and crew are sitting in a bomb shelter outside their tent. They were bombed about every night.

424th Bomb Squadron Logo 424th Bomb Squadron Logo   424th Bomb Squadron Logo

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