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307th Bomb Group (H) Aircraft Assignment and Crew Losses

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307th Bomb Group Navigator
A 307th Bombardment Group (H) Navigator working hard to find a small island during a B-24 raid. Finding your way over hundreds of miles of open ocean was one of the most difficult problems of the Pacific which is noted for giving navigators more headaches per sector than any other area on the globe during WWII.

The documents and information on this page was supplied as a cooperative effort between Dan B. Odenweller (Missing Air Crew Project & 307 Bomb Group Researcher), and 307th historian, Jim McCabe.  Any questions, suggestions or corrections may be directed to:
Jim McCabe -

The 307th Bombardment Group (Heavy), composed of four squadrons (370th, 371st, 372nd, and 424th), flew B24's during their tour of duty in the Southwest Pacific with the 13th Army Air Force.

The table, intended to be an accounting of all the aircraft assigned to the 307th BG(H), was initially prepared from reports of lost aircraft, and later incorporated information from other files and records. At this time, it appears that the Group received its' initial allotment of aircraft from the B24 "41-xxxxx" series. Subsequent aircraft came from the B24 "42-xxxxx" series and even later from the B24 "44-xxxxx" series.

View and Download 307th Bomb Group (H) Aircraft Inventory Files:

The following Excel file includes the following worksheets:

  • 307th Aircraft Assignment and Crew Losses
  • Sources of Information for 307th BG Aircraft Inventory

The table will never be complete without the help and support of members and their families who send in information to help build our reference archive. 
Updates will be posted as information changes.  Please send additional material to: Jim McCabe -

Compiled through the personal efforts of Dan B. Odenweller.  The 307th Bombardment Group extends its appreciation for all his work.
Enhancements and additions to the information have been researched and prepared by Jim McCabe.
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