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The goal of the new Members Dashboard is to provide Top Level access to current events, 307th plans and some great new features and benefits for our members and their families. From here you can visit row after row of historic links with more information about topics relating to the 307th Bomb Group (and 307th Bomb Wing).

A Touching Story

This very touchning story was posted by our Vice-President, Christine Hoover.  Christine is an educator in eastern Idaho and the daughter of William "Ray" Pruett (decd.) a member of the
"Pistol Packin Mama" crew.  Christine was specially trained to make reading a primary subject for school children.  This story caught her eye and she could not hold herself back from sharing
it with her elementary school classes, as an important less of the importance reading has on everyone's life.

By Steve Hartman

COOKSON, Okla. (CBS) – Inside a single-wide trailer in Cookson, Oklahoma,
a tortured soul lives alone. Ed Bray, 90, served in World War II.
He was at Normandy on D-Day. He earned two purple hearts and more than a
dozen other medals. But to this day, he still can’t even read what they’re for!
Not because it’s too painful – but because he simply can’t read.
Click HERE to see this touching video

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B-24 and WWII Aircraft Related Web Sites:

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Sites to Search for Data about WWII MIA's and Aircraft Losses: The following web sites offer searchable databases to locate information about WWII MIA's and aircraft losses.

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MIA & WWII Aircraft Search Organizations: A note from former Historian Pat Ranfranz: I have been in contact with the following MIA & WWII Aircraft search organizations. I have extensively shared information with some of the organizations and others I have had limited contact, however, all the organizations I have listed below are honorable and are truly dedicated to locating MIA's and helping others. It's equally as important what organizations are not listed below. Please feel free to email me if you feel a group is missing from this list and/or if you have a question about a MIA & WWII Aircraft search group.

  • Pat & Cherie Ranfranz are committed to locating and documenting the crash site of the Coleman B-24 (307th Bomb Group) and other American planes on or near Yap Island. Pat has spent over 20 years researching the 25 June 1944 shoot down and loss of his uncle, T/Sgt John R. McCullough, and the other nine members of the Coleman B-24. The original goal of locating the Coleman B-24 has been expanded to locating and documenting all the American crash sites on or near Yap Island. The project is committed to documenting the history of the men and their missions through documents, pictures, and oral history before the information is lost in time. The most important goal of the project is to help provide closure to the families of the missing men who lost their lives in service of their country during WWII. Close to 100 men were lost near Yap Island and remain listed as missing in action.
  • History Flight is a 501C3 non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and honoring American WWII aviation history. History Flight director Mark Noah has been very helpful to the Missing Air Crew Project!
  • The BentProp Project: Dr. Patrick J. Scannon's BentProp Project is dedicated to finding MIAs in the jungles and waters of Palau. Pat has put together a fantastic group of researchers and searchers. Pat has been very helpful to the Missing Air Crew Project!
  • The BentStar Project : The BentStar Project LTD, a California 501(c)3 Charitable Corporation, was formed to support and document the efforts of Scannon's BentProp Project. The BentStar Project Limited was formed by team members and supporters of BentProp and exists to ensure that Scannon's expeditions will be fully documented and will continue unencumbered. The BentStar Project has provided a lot of research help to the Missing Air Crew Project!
  • The Pacific Wreck Database (PWD) is a free, non-profit website compiles the work of veterans, authors, travelers & visitors from around the world. This site has resulted in the discovery and identification of new sites, reporting new history, return of relics, and historical advocacy. Created by Justin Taylan, this site continues to grow with the help of collaborators worldwide.
  • AAIR Aviation Archaeological Investigation & Research: Aviation Archaeological Investigation and Research, AAIR, is a helpful source for U.S. military aircraft accident reports and individual aircraft record (history) cards and aviation archaeology information. Craig Fuller, the principal and founder of AAIR, has shared information with the Missing Air Crew Project.
  • The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (acronym TIGHAR, pronounced 'tiger') is the world's leading aviation archaeological foundation.

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If your are unable to find what you are looking for or would like more information, please contact

 the 307th Bomb Group (HV) historian Mr. Jim McCabe:

Email the Historian Jim McCabe


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