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307th Bomb Group (H) History Index

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307th Bomb Group Pictures:

This section of the website contains photos that have been collected over the past 60 years. Unfortunately, these photos are not in a searchable format.  But they can be!
We encourage you to browse through the photos and find a few that are familiar to you, then just copy the URL address (from your browser) and send it to along with the name you wish to change it to.  Once it has been changed, it willbesearchable in the [Site Search] application at the left. 
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307th Bomb Group (HV) Histories:

307th BG Articles
307th BG Logos

We are in the process of combining the following areas to make one comprehesive source for 307th Bomb Group mission reports and targets.

307th BG (H) Missing Air Crew Reports
307th BG (H) Aircraft Assignment and Losses
307th BG Stations (Bases)
307th BG Signed Phonograph Top from Guadalcanal

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The following 307th BG historical documents are in a PDF file format. Adobe Acrobat is needed to open, view, and print the files. Left-click and choose directory to save files to your desktops.

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President Citation for Truk Missions-27 June 1944
(444 KB pdf file )
History of 307th BG Plane, FRENISI. AC# 42-40323, B-24D, that flew 100 missions
(LARGE PDF FILE: 7.2 MB pdf file )
Airdromes Guide for the Southwest Pacific Area—Published December 1, 1944
(LARGE PDF FILE: 21 MB pdf file )
History of the 307th Bomb Group (HV) from 4-15-1942 to 12-31-1943
(LARGE PDF FILE: 15 MB pdf file )
307th BG, 371st Squadron History from April 1942 to December 1943
3.8 MB pdf file
467601 - The AAF in Australia to the summer of 1942 (AAFHS No. 9). July 1944.
7,014 KB pdf file
467609 - Air Action in the Papuan Campaign - 21 July 1942 to 23 January 1943. August 1944.
6,868 KB pdf file
467625 - Army Air Forces in the War Against Japan - 1941-1942. June 1945.
6,247 KB pdf file
467626 - Guadalcanal and the Origins of the Thirteenth Air Force. July 1945.
10,505 KB pdf file
467685 - The AAF in the South Pacific - to October 1942. December 1944.
8,930 KB pdf file
467704 - The Thirteenth Air Force - March - October 1943 (AAFRH No. 20). September 1946.
13,136 KB pdf file
26 October 1942 307th Order listing Crews Assigned to Hawaiin Defense from Hamilton Field, CA. Plane numbers and crew names listed.
1 January 1943 Honolulu Star-Bulletin-307th Bomb Group Airmen Smash Wake!
26 December 1942 371st BS Mission Report for Wake Island Mission

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